I was out on tour last week, about to walk my group into Independence Hall in Philly, when my phone starts buzzing. I look down and I see my sister, has texted a series of photos.

Notice the sign closest says in call caps, “IF YOU DO NOT DO YOUR CHORES YOU WILL NOT EAT!”

So outside of Independence Hall, Liberty Bell in sight, the very symbols of our nations independence and declaration, I call!

Daisy: (through the laughing)  What is going on??!!

Sister: I’m mad and I’m NOT gonna take it anymore!

Daisy: This is hilarious!

Sister: I had to send it to you, you would appreciate it, you’ve been telling me for years.

Daisy: You know what you ought to do, you should draw a chalk outline of a body on the wood floor right in front of the counter. Have Miss N. lie down and trace her, she would totally do it! And love it!

Sister: I’m going to do it!  I’m running an errand, I hope I can get home first so I can do it!

This last picture underscores the state my sister was in. She sent it upside down.

Here’s the back story.  She is grace and mercy personified. She has more patience on a daily basis than I have had in my lifetime. As her four kids got older, I would get aggravated when we were all together, she and I would be picking up after them. She taught me she was having fun and enjoying them more than getting on them. Now that’s not to say they don’t do their fair share, but being kids, you know if they can try to get out of it, they will. And being a great mom, she would do the little extra so she can spend more time with them.

Well, I guess last week, she was drawing a line in the sand. What make it even funnier is this is so not her!

Declare sista! Let Freedom ring!