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Marilyn Jean commented on Dirge

I am sorry Daisy, but your “Waltz” or “Jazz”, or whatever that irritating sound is coming from your computer over there is called, has NO TUNE! It’s the exact sound or tune that I hear when “someone” (near by) whistles without a tune! lol So you better NOT have downloaded all that “Grunge” stuff just to irritate me! “How Wuude”! :))

Signed: Marilyn Jean


Marilyn Jean, my very fun office suitemate┬á–

Daisy: Can we change the music? I can’t work to the dirge music anymore. It’s depressing.

Marilyn Jean: Dirge, what’s dirge?

Daisy: Funeral music.

Marilyn Jean: Okay, but I can’t take music with words. I can’t concentrate.

Daisy: Okay, I have some light jazz.

Marilyn Jean: No, I can’t do jazz.

Daisy: I can do classical or worship, but something with some spirit.

Marilyn Jean: What was it grunge, girge, girth music?

Daisy: Dirge. You know…like “poor Jud is dead, a candle lights his head”!

I bought her two CD’s with good classical music.

About 2 times a week Marilyn Jean puts on the slowest, draggiest┬áinstrumental music and tells me, “We’re listening to grunge, girge, drudge music.”

I’m secretly downloading jazz. I’m going to blast her out of her seat very soon!