Marilyn Jean is having her late 1800’s home remodeled.

She is getting a new kitchen!! With the multitude of people who come through her home on a daily basis to eat, she deserves it!

When they started doing demolition of the old kitchen, she found a treasure trove of history in the walls. Old bank checks, pictures, books, hymnals, shoes, buttons, letters and postcards.  Her farmhouse had at one time been a cheese factory. We had a little archive in our office for a bit, she had brought in her discovered treasures for us to see. It was fascinating.

Daily, she comes to the office with cabinet, paint, tile, back splash, counter, etc. samples we all get to vote on.  It’s so much easier to make a decision for someone else’s kitchen.

Recently a beautiful copper farmer’s sink was delivered. We are all living vicariously through Marilyn Jean.

Currently she has a dutch door that leads from the kitchen to the laundry room. She calls it her “Mr. Ed door.”


Marilyn Jean: I want to change the bathroom door off the kitchen to look like my new kitchen cupboard doors.  They’re distressed.

Daisy: Get a door you like and we can distress it ourselves.

Marilyn Jean: Oh I know you can. You distress me every day!

I just love that Marilyn Jean, she is a hoot!