Last week we had a cruel and horrible event in our “family” of friends.

A sweet, warm-heated, generous, gregarious, handsome young man was hanging out with friends after work. He was jumped, beaten up and robbed of the tip money he made that day at a local restaurant.

His phone was taken apart and thrown onto a frozen lake.

He has multiple fractures in his cheek, jaw, nose, roof of his mouth, and upper lip area.  He is missing teeth, has stitches inside his lip, outside his lip and in his chin.

We don’t understand, if all they wanted was the money, why they didn’t just take it and push him down? He is  6’3” iboy who is n shape. Were they afraid he would retaliate? Evil is hard to understand and thank God we don’t comprehend it.

I had been out to eat with the family the day it happened. We were laughing and passing around, “I love you man!”, hours before this cruel thing took place.  It’s hard to think of the sweet young man I saw on Sunday. His unmarred face, laughing and being kind to everyone around us, as he always is.

It made me think of a couple back in Oklahoma.

After the birth of their first child, there was complications and were told the chance of his survival was small.  They sat in that hospital room, holding each other, in tears and prayed for their new, tiny son.

They also told their heavenly Father, that no matter the outcome, they would love God; nothing would or had changed their love for their heavenly Father.

That baby is now out of college, a strapping 6’4” boy.

I will always remember the words my friend shard as she cried out to God that day.

“Lord, remember me and re-member me.”

We all have days when we have fallen apart, are broken, in pieces or just plain confused, scattered and spread too thin.

The young man that was beaten up last week is home now with his mouth sewn shut and in great pain.

Lord remember him today and re-member him today!

Lord remember us today and re-member us today.