Brainiwacks on break:

Daisy: I must need a nap. I just spelled bone: b-o-a-n.

Marilyn Jean: I know I was spelling something yesterday like “do” and I coudn’t remember how to spell it.

It is d-e-w.

Jillian: I hate those two letter words.

Daisy: They’re so hard!

Marilyn Jean: For crying out loud!

Jillian: Who brought the cupcakes? I just walked by them and my back side got bigger!

Can you describe me in your blog as a slender bean?

Marilyn Jean: Describe me as ro-BUST, emphasis on the second syllable.

She’s laughing as she’s typing, (pointing at Daisy) the bloody blog is getting bloodier.

Every time she looks at me, laughs and doesn’t say anything, I know I’m going to be in the blog.