Every day with Marilyn Jean is an adventure. Here is a recent tale, but you must understand, I’m not exaggerating, an adventure comes up every day with my funny and compassionate friend.

Marilyn Jean has a heart for prison ministry. She has a bulging full life and at this point that ministry consists of writing letters to women who have been incarcerated. One of the gals with whom Marilyn Jean had conducted a steady correspondence had definitely experienced a life change while in prison. When sharing the steps this gal had made in her life, in order to protect her identity, Marilyn Jean called her “the prisoner.”

“The prisoner’s” first few letters to Marilyn Jean were filled with blame. It was not her fault she was in prison, others were to blame. As their correspondence progressed Marilyn Jean could sense a heart change, and “the prisoner’s” letters indicated that she was taking responsibility for the actions that had brought her to this situation. Just as we all have to face, life decisions are up to us.

Recently Marilyn Jean got a phone call; “the prisoner” has just been released and was struggling to get on her feet. “The prisoner” had found a job, but before her first paycheck she needed clothes, groceries and gas.

Marilyn Jean had decided to take “the prisoner” shopping for a few items. Now Marilyn Jean is a smart cookie, she had clearly established her boundaries, done her homework, had a set dollar figure and was taking the wisest steps for this shopping trip. Because we love her, we were just a bit concerned. While we didn’t doubt Marilyn Jean’s assessment of “the prisoner’s” heart change, we wanted to make sure Marilyn Jean was safe.

What if “the prisoner” was finding it too hard to get on her feet? What if the pressure of being on her own was forcing her to feel the only way she could survive was to revert back to bad choices? What if in a rash and desperate moment Marilyn Jean would be the victim of a bad decision?

Elise, Lauren and I still felt Marilyn Jean should be accompanied to meet “the prisoner”. Our current work schedule made me the one available to go with Marilyn Jean the next day.

The morning of the meeting, my sister happened to call me as I was on my way to work. When my sister asked what I had going that day, I said, “Well as a matter of fact….” and I related the whole story. My sister is a cautious person and for those she loves, she is very cautious. She wanted me to take mace, but I had none. I laughed and said, “I do have the pink camo knife I got for Christmas in my glove compartment.” She insisted I take it with me.

My youngest nephew is currently into pocket knives and now I’m the proud owner of a pink camo knife. He was very excited to give it to me and I love it.

When I got to the office I told Marilyn Jean, Elise and Lauren what my sister had said and I showed them the knife I had hiding in my coat pocket.

Marilyn Jean, lifting her staple puller from her desk says, “I have this, a nose pincher!

Daisy: Do you know how long it would take to wrap that around someone’s nose?

Marilyn Jean: I will just tell her to hold still while I get it on there. I’ll just say, “Tell me when this hurts!” And it really hurts! I tried it on my finger!

Always fear Marilyn Jean and her nose pincher!