Daisy: I wrote another blog about you.

2 hours later

Daisy: Have you read the blog?

Marilyn Jean: How do I get to your blog?

Daisy: People I don’t even know are following my blog and my own office mate is not following my blog?? I will re-send you the address.

Marilyn Jean: Great now I have to figure out how to get to it again. I’m following God. (She moves her hands like she weighing things in a scale) God, blog, God, blog.

Daisy: Well, you might want to read it, it’s about you. I wrote one about Elise yesterday…but you would know that if you were following my blog.

Marilyn Jean: What about your bloody blog?

Daisy: READ THE BLOG. You don’t have to do it now, read it tonight.

Marilyn Jean: Emails are just flying by, I don’t know where it is.  Do you know how many things I have to do tonight?

Daisy: It’s like Jesus, not even respected in my own office.

Marilyn Jean: Now you saying you’re like Jesus?

Daisy: No, just read the blog.

Marilyn Jean: You’re so funny.

Daisy: I AM? You are, read it!

(See “The Prisoner”)