You make each day a special day. You know how, by just your being you. There’s only one person in this whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are. – Mister Rogers

Okay, admit it. Mister Rogers still puts a smile on your face. Before becoming a tour guide, I was worked in a VERY stressful office. Not only was the work demanding, the staff….well, they….let’s just say it was a far cry from the office I’m in now.   Their lives were so sad; they knew no other way to handle it other than to be unkind to one another.  Thankfully, God kept me out of all the battles and gossip.

Having lunch at home, needing a moment of goodness, I would turn on Mister Rogers as I made and ate my lunch.    Seriously, when PBS put his program back by ½ hour, I got my lunch hour changed!!  He would feed my heart for the return in the afternoon. Who can make you feel goodness more than Mr. Rogers?

If you go to this link you see a little video of him singing….go on, you know you wanna!