Proof of weirdness:

 Last night I was listening to an English movie. The English call an autopsy a post mortem; post meaning after.

A pre-mortem would definitely be putting the horse before the cart! 

It was an Agatha Christie so someone had to go! I love Agatha, she is so tidy.  No gore.

Here is where I spiraled.

If post in that sense means after – why do we call it post office? After I write a letter I mail it? Post as in posting a notice…my letter? If I had thought about the answer long enough I would have figured it out but I was spiraling in the question. I can only do one thing at a time people!

In the wilds of early America with the pony express hopping along with all of our pioneer tin can & string cell phone bills, Target coupons and Pottery Barn catalogs, they would change riders &/or horses at out “posts”. Post office.

In colonial times too, they had posts (usually taverns) where the mail would accumulate to go oversees or to another colony. You know things like “Hey King, you’re making us a little upset out here in Boston!  Virginia is a little ticked too!” 

I’m sure they were subscribing to Marshall Foster’s Mayflower Institute so they could read about themselves!

 Hmmm! How in the name of all that is good did I get from autopsy to letters?