Phlegmatic – adj. 1: resembling, consisting of, or producing the humor of phlegm 2: having or showing a slow and stolid temperament.

 What did Merriam Webster just say?? It appears as if they’re claiming that some people have the personality of  phlegm.

 I have a friend who was has been a CEO and is really into the personality tests / traits to know how to approach each person on her staff.  On occasion she has our group of friends take them. They make for interesting discussion! 

For anyone that has taken the personality test and has been labeled Phlegmatic – You need a new label!

Phlegmatic traits are: Unassuming, agreeable and intuitive, the ability to read between the lines. 

 I ask you, can phlegm do that?

According to the ancient Greeks, human personalities were controlled by four bodily fluids called “humors”. Phlegm was paired with water – the cold, moist element – and it was believed to impart the cool, unemotional personality we now call the “phlegmatic type,” a bit odd given that the term derives from the Greek phlegma, which literally means “flame”. So I get the definition means, but I still think Phlegmatics need a new word!

 So if I’m interpreting this right and since I’m making this up, I’m sure I’m correct; my friends that are a bit reserved have a fire within, passion, wisdom, drive and a great sense of humor! (Not the Greek bodily fluid kind!) Don’t read between the lines, it’s a compliment!

 This why I’m here, for these sophisticated clarifications for you collectors of words!