Wedded Bliss

____?______ + ______?_____ = Bliss

Perfect Partners, Dynamic Duos, Best Combinations:

worship + prayer

Jesus, my teacher + friend – John 15:14

holding hands + fireplace

earl grey tea + amaretto creamer

steak + salad

rainy day + good book

marshmellow + chocolate

roy rogers  + dale evens

Walter Matthau + Barbara Streisand in “Hello Dolly”

(Genius – Walter Matthau as a singing, dancing romantic lead! Throw in Louis Armstrong – brilliant!);

twilight + fireflies + mason jar + kids

elise + elmer + 25 years in love

porch swings + hand cranked ice cream makers

Grandma Parker + gum drop cake

daisy + holly

iced tea + lemon

Pearl Bailey + Andy Williams – singing “Give Me the Simple Life”:

snow ball fights + warm pajamas from the dryer (undies too!)

the chummery + english mystery

mr. darcy + elizabeth bennet

rain + long walk

soft grass + barefeet

lying in the grass + sound of a small engine plane overhead

brand new ked tennis shoes + footies with  pom poms

grilled silver queen corn + butter on your chin

sweet giggle of a baby + grandparents laughter

button popping proud aunt + niece & nephews

skype + battleship

long married couples still saprking + showing it!

brilliant + sweet family and friends

my sister’s “company” chicken + “picnic” potatoes

Mama Nell’s chocolate Kahlua cake +  homemade whipped cream (my nephews call it, “whooped cream!”)

family playing guitars + singing along

cool breeze on a summer’s eve +  a star-lit sky

twilight campfire + friends

motown on the radio + singing LOUD!

brand new sponge +  meyer lemon dish soap

open window + scent of freshly mown lawn

rhyme + reason

freshly laundered sheets + weekend nap

smell of a baby + rocking in my lap

marilyn jean  + elise + lauren + daisy = fun office suitemates

glass of wine + game of apples to apples

sunshine + shorts

brand new big chief tablet + mechanical pencil

what are yours?

sidenote: snoopy valentine card from my family + russell stover orange jelly sticks in “fine dark chocolate” + cute Oklahoma necklace

signed by all the family,  even the little neighbor boy!

the russell stover candy house my dad built!

me + most beautiful sister and kindest brother-in-law in all the world!