“At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed against us ten thousand men to guard the past.”

Have you ever been in a position to present change to human beings? Yes? Yes! We all have.

 What are some of the grumbled replies?

  •  ·         We’ve always done it this way…
  • ·         That will never work because…
  • ·         You all can do what you want, but I’m going to…
  • ·         Who do they think they are…
  • ·         I don’t think I can…
  • ·         I’ve never…
  • ·         I would do it this way….
  • ·         Yeah but….

Are you the Eeyore of change opportunity God has in your life? Seriously?? It’s GOD, He has a terrific plan that fits no one else but YOU!

Are these the responses you’re telling God?

When I have no experience in a circumstance, I find it easy to rely on God. But when I think I have a little experience on which to rely, I’m more arrogant with those replies not only to God, but to those around me.

Are you the cloud raining on the parade or are you the silver lining? It’s a parade! Grab a baton, a trombone, a giant feathered hat,  and get in step! It’s rain, get your wellies on and go puddle jumping! Get muddy!

Are you a dream crusher?

Changes takes us out of the familiar, our comfort zone, but haven’t we had the best experiences and memories when we were out of our familiar, our comfort zone?  Didn’t we discover someting about ourselves?  I’m great at water skiing, I’m horrible at wind surfing, there you go! My funniest memories & the most bruises – the horrible wind surfing!

If it isn’t morally or biblically specious or rotten, then give it a go!

What did it feel like when you were dreaming and parading in your personal life and boom, someone’s word withered your heart?

How about when your position in the family or your job requires you to implement change, boom all of a sudden the person you were yesterday is forgotten and today you’re the bad guy?  Have you been unfair to a person who was saddled with the responsibility to make change?

So what if any of it, all of it fails? Who cares! Really…who cares?  Are you tallying up your own or other people’s failures?  Is someone tallying yours? God isn’t!

Guess what, failure = learning!

Babe Ruth had 714 home runs, but he had 1330 strike outs. Good thing nobody came along and told him – “Give it up Babe, you miss more than you hit! You have no future in baseball.”

Have I done that to someone else? I hope not! Being human, I’m sure I have and ugh, that hurts my heart. Sometimes we are too cautious in cheering on other people’s dreams because we’re afraid to dream our own.  More than doing it to other people, we do it to OURSELVES, better than anyone else could do it to us.

The guy who presented the idea of UPS – packages delivered by the next morning, to his professor at college, was told it will never work. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there sure are a lot of guys running around in chocolate brown shorts with our Amazon packages!

I know, I know, this tirade has little to do with the quote above. But it got me diving from thought to thought. So did Phillipians 3 this morning.”Have no confidence in the flesh but in the things of God.” I do have all confidence in God, but I let myself become a maniac, flesh hanging out all over the place (and I’m not talking muffin top here!) while He’s working it out.

Remember God sees you just like you see kids, when we come running to Him with a light in our eyes and say, “Guess what, I’ve got a great idea!” I want to give God the chance to laugh and say, “Well, come tell me about it!” God would jump in the puddles with me! He would march in the parade with me! And you!

As of late, no situation, nobody, in my personal or work life have been a cloud, Eeyore, or crusher to me or around me. The only person who has done that to me…is me! Thus the soap box!

From: Daisy

To: Daisy

Re: Parade On!