The Biscuit – an act of repentance & request for forgiveness

I share an office suite with three ladies – Marilyn Jean, Elise & Lauren.

Suitemate – Marilyn Jean is in charge of the yearly Operation Christmas Child drive in our area.

Marilyn Jean is a dedicated mother of 6, grandmother of 8, has raised many foster children, she coordinates the puppets ministry, helps out in children’s church every Wednesday, works a full time job, loves her husband, feeds a group of 20+ every weekend. This  fall she decked out the puppets in Bee Gees costumes and the kids put on a show for the church, “Payin’ Your Tithe, Payin’ Your Tithe, to the tune of “Stayin’ Alive.” Girlfriend is busy. And hilarious!

After weeks of coordinating this effort, it was the last day of Operation Christmas Child.  The truck was ready to pull out with hundreds of donated boxes she had collected, organized and packed, the last task on her list – copy the paperwork.

She was tired, frazzled, and ready for this to be DONE!  She sped from the church to our office to make the copies and….the copier wouldn’t work.  Feeling the pressure of having a driver waiting, knowing the load had to be on the road on time, she lost it.

“What’s going on with this copier?? It’s not working!!”  She was slinging paper, flinging open copier doors and drawers and pushing buttons to beat the band. Slinging and flinging, yes she was!

Crisis handled, paperwork delivered, returning to the office, she felt that she had over reacted to the situation and had not responded well.

If you knew Marilyn Jean like we know Marilyn Jean that was not the case.  She had not over reacted at all, we recognized this moment for just what it was – a frazzled and frustrating 2 minutes in her life of which we thought no more.

Marilyn Jean’s conscience worked on her and her imagination led her to believe that she had been a maniac so much so, that when she returned she had in hand a bag with breakfast biscuits for each one of us.

Thus began the biscuit representing our peace offering, our olive branch, our contrite heart.

I am fortunate to work in a drama-free, (except for Marilyn Jean! HA!) extremely supportive and fun work environment.  (And I’m not just saying this because they will read this!) No one has ever had to make amends for a ghastly word or act.

But we know ourselves and each other. We know when someone is a little “sassy”, grumpy, or overwhelmed.  We recognize one another’s wonder-FULL-ness and graciously accommodate foibles.

I love when I get an email from Marilyn Jean, she teasingly tells me, “Oh, you’re being a little sassy there, you owe me a bisquit!”

She can never spell it right and at this point she doesn’t care. I think it’s her hybrid version of biscuit and Bisquick.

I have been the biscuit fairy a couple of times. Not because I was rascally, but just because I’m that kind of breakfast baked-goods humanitarian!!

Did you hear that Marilyn Jean? She is going to email today demading a BISQUIT! I just know it! She’s ornery like that!

This morning we received a pan of biscuits from Lauren. Yesterday had been a tough day for her.  Lauren’s plan was to triple the recipe. She did…almost. Triple the shortening, triple the milk, double the dry mix.  It was a… biscuit cake and pretty darn good too!

Call the United Nations, let them  know– We all just want world peace man; get a bag of biscuits darn ya!

Sing it everyone “Give the biscuit a chance” (to the tune “Give peace a chance!)!

I can hear it ringing out now in every tongue and every nation – “Who knew? The BISQUIT!”

Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven