According to Merriam-Webster,

Blog: a frequently updated personal journal chronicling links at a Web site, intended for public viewing

Marilyn Jean’s definition (per the conversation we had today!) , read below:

Daisy: I have a story I’m going to post on my blog tomorrow about you.

Marilyn Jean: Me, what?! Who reads a blog, how do you go to a blog, can anyone read a blog, is it all over the internet, do you need an address, a blog?

Daisy: I sent the address to you, I can’t believe you haven’t read it yet. Now you want to read it because it’s about you! HA!

You need to follow it, so you’ll know when I write about you.

Marilyn Jean: I follow God, not a blog.

You know what I thought a blog was when I first heard about it a year or so ago? I thought it was something that hung out of a cow’s body in the back with hay and dirt all over.

Daisy: You mean like when a cow gives birth and the uterus comes out and they have to put it back in? A prolapsed uterus?

Marilyn Jean: Yes, I guess that’s a blob. How dirty and dried up is your blog?

Rickie: I thought a blog was a swampy area.

Marilyn Jean: That’s a bog not a blog

Daisy: Just…just… follow my blog and you’ll see a story about you!

Marilyn Jean: She’s wants me to chase her blog.

Daisy: Chase my blog?? No follow my blog!

I need an entire section dedicated to just you!

Oh my word!

Side note: Marilyn Jean is one of the funniest people I know and these crazy conversations we have, and we have them often, make my day!

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