I don’t watch TV.

The shows that people talk about I am generally unfamiliar with unless I’ve seen them in a hotel room.

That isn’t to say that I’m never sitting in front of a television set. I pick what I watch.

I don’t have cable or dish or all the other names that 1,227 channels are called. I’m watching DVD’s.

I watch old movies, history documentaries  and seasons of  “That Girl”, “The Waltons”, “The Odd Couple”, “Columbo”, “The Andy Griffith Show”, etc.

I don’t have to think about the words they may say, I know there will be a moral to the story and I’m just old school!

Do you remember the show about the maid “Hazel”?


Hazel takes care of the Baxter family and their son little Harold. George and Dorothy Baxter love one another and are respectful to one another. I know, radical concept in today’s sitcoms!!

Hazel taught Harold about George Washington, the pledge of allegiance, they go to church, they pray at dinner, they have manners.  When Harold wanted a dog and Mr. Baxter wasn’t sure about it, Hazel knelt by the sofa and prayed.

Their new dog was named, “Smiley.”

Hazel started a club called, “The Sunshine Girls”. The purpose of the club – when other maids in her neighborhood have a big party to prepare for or if a maid is sick, they lend one another a hand.

Hazel tells whom she loves that they are a “Doozy!”

“You’re a doozy Mr. B!”

“Ain’t he a doozy?!”

I watched an episode last night. She was trying to improve her vocabulary. She informed Mr. Baxter that, ” if you want to make the new word yours you have to use it 10 times in the first day.”

Her dilemma – her first new word was octarchy.  Octarchy  – rule by government of eight.

Hazel who would never steer you wrong, had a good tip! So here is my word today in honor of Hazel – Doozy!

Doozy – something that is extremely unusual or special.`

You’re a doozy!