Sastruga – n: a wavelike ridge of hard snow formed by the wind – usually used in plural.

 Now I would have found this word mildly interesting in Oklahoma, but it would have quickly left my memory.  Here in Wisconsin, it seems that it would be an applicable word in my life and surroundings.

 I know there are ravaged sastrugi (plural for sastruga!) in the front yard, in the ¼ mile long driveway I traverse and immediately beyond that driveway the only road I’ve seen thus far that is never plowed in 4 counties.  I’m just sayin…

 This depiction is SOOO close it’s like looking at a picture of me trudging to work.  Let me tell how hard this is to do in cute high heels!!  Yep, sometimes I yodel.  Where did I put my lime green off-to-work hiking hat?

It’s here somewhere…

 Go forth and use sastruga / sasturgi today!